You just can’t get things to go right, like they did in practice? You’re unsteady or rushed? You’re terrified that all your hard work will unravel when you’re on stage?


Does it seem like the harder you try, the worse it gets? Have you examined the root causes of this anxiety? Are you aware that even accomplished performers suffer?

AMPT – Authentic Music Performance Training is a training course that draws from traditional music instruction, Buddhist mindfulness techniques and movement awareness.

AMPT Is a Five-Class Course, Each Training You in a Specific Skill.

Class 1 – The Connected Musician

Trains you to listen clearly and use sound to ground you and get you in the zone. You’ll practice letting go of distraction and returning to sound, strengthening your ability to focus and open. You’ll rediscover your musical confidence, an absence of worry that is always available if we refrain from grasping it.

Class 2 – The Inspired Musician

Heightens your sensitivity, making it easier to see your self-limiting habits and how to free yourself from them.  Forming positive habits based on listening connects you to your flow, releasing inspiration that makes practice easier, productive and satisfying.

Class 3 – The Daring Musician

Trains you to discern between responses to music and knee jerk reactions to mistakes. which transforms your relationship to stage fright from fear, or even terror, into a mindful connection which becomes a source of energy.

Class 4 – The Authentic Musician

Trains you to play through doubt. Learning to navigate unexpected situations in music reveals that your desire to play for others may be growing greater than the fear of being seen as ordinary. Giving becomes the practice so performing becomes the opportunity to improve.

Class 5 – AMPT Performances

The result of the AMPT course is a bigger vision of your place in the great stream that music is. Giving from that source of inspiration, as who you genuinely are, becomes more rewarding than perfection. 

Bryan Wade created AMPT, a methodology for integrating musical skill with performance confidence, when he saw that his guitar students needed a new approach to make the transformation from accomplished students to confident performers. Reflecting on how his meditation practices had enhanced his own music performance, Bryan formalized AMPT to help players who are right on the edge of being the performers they want to be.

Bryan is a musician, teacher and meditator in Brooklyn, NY. Bryan has been a music educator since 1998, focusing on guitar and band.  He has practiced Buddhist meditation since 1995 and taught meditation since 2004 in NYC, Vermont and Colorado. Bryan devotes time to coaching musicians in the AMPT technique so that they can discover the benefits that have helped him.

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